Sharon Hodges Face painting instructor

I fell into the entertainment and art world by accident many years ago and have been totally hooked ever since. My journey began with face painting at a local theater for tips and progressed into specializing in all forms of face and body art.

I attended the first International Face Painting Convention ever held in the US, in Orlando, FL in 2002. I then became the CEO and owner of Enchanted Bodys and Your Enchanted Face.

In 2003 I founded the first organized face painting group in the United States, DFW Face Painters Guild, I started as the president and currently am on the board of directors.

I competed and received the highest award given at the 2005 Orlando Florida Face and Body Art Convention “First Place Best All Around.”

In the last years since my award, I have been teaching and demonstrating face and body art to others of all levels. I have traveled all over the country for the art and craft that I have come to love so much and recently am looking to explore other parts of world. My eyes and imagination are always active and I constantly strive to personally improve and share my skills and talents.

I take part in birthday parties and corporate events to body art/photography and runway fashion. I have a strong connection with this art form and it is where I feel the most comfortable, creative and accomplished.