Is There a Waterproof Face Paint? Dallas Moms Want to Know!

It’s summer, here in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our summers are HOT in this part of the country, and one question we always get from our clients is about waterproof face painting. 


I’m a mom, and although my daughter is grown now, I distinctly remember the days when I wished that the face paint I just applied for the afternoon would stay on until we got home. The need for a waterproof solution makes complete sense in theory, but there are a few caveats.


Face Paint and Water
Fun Time Entertainment, Inc. has specific airbrush face painters who use a special makeup that is marketed as sweat-proof and waterproof. However, if you touch the makeup while it is wet…it WILL smear. Is this false advertising? Not exactly. When we are face or body painting actors or models, they are professionals. They are disciplined enough to keep their hands off of their faces when they are sweating or around water. Kids are an entirely different ball game. It’s unrealistic to expect a little one to keep their hands off of their face.


The average person (child or no) touches their face many times a day. Dr. Mark Nicas PhD, MPH, CIH Director, Industrial Hygiene Program at the Berkeley School of Public Health in his article, “A study quantifying the hand-to-face contact rate and its potential application to predicting respiratory tract infection“, states: “The average total [facial] contact rate per hour was 15.7 [per individual].” ¹  In our entertainer experience, when you add oppressive heat, face paint and children into the equation…the statistics definitely go up! (We love those little ones!)


Fun Face Paint Options and Alternatives!

The best thing to do when you are planning an outdoor party in the Texas heat…is the same thing we recommend for every party. Plan ahead, and when your event day gets here – ENJOY making memories! Here are a few creative, yet viable options to choose from:


Face Painting: We have been in this business a long time, and face painting is always the top choice when it comes to face or body art at parties. If you choose face painting for your gathering, you can set up a simple photo station RIGHT NEXT to the face painting section to SNAP those perfect pictures before the newly painted kids run amok in the heat! One mom this year had two Polaroid-style cameras set up for parents to use so that they could have an immediate picture as well as cell phone pictures. It was cute! (The backdrop can be as simple as a sheet or as fancy as a backdrop from a party store. It’s up to you!)


Glitter Tattoos: THIS IS THE BEST POOL OPTION. Even though most children prefer face painting, they still love to get glitter tattoos! Glitter tattoos are exactly what they sound like. They are tattoos for the arm or leg…or back (generally not the face) that will stay for 3-5 days! These actually do stay on in the water and are the sturdiest summer option. Not only that, but our artists have designs that will interest almost everyone at your event, so leave time for some of the adults, too!



Airbrush Tattoos: Another pool option. Definitely sweat-proof, and for the most part, are waterproof as discussed above, airbrush tattoos should not be rubbed when they are wet in the pool or the bathtub. These are a CLEAR crowd favorite. Kids and adults love getting these tattoos, and usually line up for more than one! (This is the fastest option. If you have a big crowd of fun parents and kids…this is for you!)


If you have any other questions about the kind of makeup we use or options for your party – feel free to call us! You can reach us at 214-886-4243. We truly look forward to hearing from you!



1. A study quantifying the hand-to-face contact rate and its potential application to predicting respiratory tract infection.

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Face Painting: What are you looking for?



What qualities do you look for in a face painter? Talent? Experience? Personality? Price? What is important to you? Most of the parents we speak want the best for their child’s special day. They have put together an invitation list, decor, cake choices and party favors. Parents have contacted relatives, planned games and set aside the day before their event to set up. The parents we speak to care greatly for their children and want them to have a special day!


We truly understand that parents want to get the most for their money when they hire entertainers. In Dallas, the entertainment market has grown SO much, it’s hard to tell who has the skill to back up their price. One thing we can tell you, though, is the entertainers with the lowest price aren’t always the entertainers with the training or professionalism that you are looking for. We suggest that parents look for VALUE. High talent at a reasonable (not ridiculously low or high) price with experience.


We have been painting and sending out face painters for a long time. We are very specific when we look for the talent that will be invited to join our Dallas Face Painting team. It might be helpful to you, the parent, if we tell you the criteria that we look for in our painters. If you know what the industry standards are, it will help as you choose the talent for your party!


1. TALENT/SKILL: The painters who join our team MUST be good painters. Sharon Hodges, the owner of Fun Time Entertainment, Inc. is picky. She is a world champion face painter and instructor all over the United States. She knows what to look for in quality and she does not retain painters who cannot meet her standard. Sharon insists that her Dallas Face Painters be able to paint good, quality faces with a speed that keeps the line moving. She instructs each painter to adjust lists to each event capacity and time constraint.


2. PERSONALITY: We require that all of our performers are PERSONABLE AND KIND. Have you ever attended a party in which the balloon artist or face painter was in a hurry and couldn’t manage to be nice about it? Let’s be realistic. There will ALWAYS be a time constraint with face painting, but our painters are specifically chosen because of their ability to relate to children and adults as well as their artistic talent.


3. PROMPTNESS/RELIABILITY: Most of our painters have worked with us for 5+ years. Our new painters have been with us for 1-3 years. We instruct our painters to be thirty minutes early to each party. This ensures that they can be set up and PAINTING at your requested party time. When you hire a face painter for a party, be sure that their time is based on their painting time. Really, that is what you are paying for, and you don’t want an artist to be scrambling during the time that you have paid for face painting. Also, we find that Dallas traffic has increased exponentially over the past two years. We build time into our drive and our set-up time to mitigate these driving challenges. WE RESPECT YOUR TIME. When you are looking for an artist, make sure they have a reputation for punctuality and reliability. The last thing you want to do is to have to be looking for your painter fifteen minutes after they should have arrived.


4. SATISFACTION:  We want to make sure that you are satisfied with your face painter. We do everything BEFORE the party to make sure that you are going to have a positive experience and that your little one will have more than just a face painting…but a GREAT memory!


5. PASSION: Perhaps the thing that separates one painter from another is passion. We tell parents to look for painters who have a passion for what they do. We love painters who are constantly looking at new techniques, new products, new faces and new ways of doing things. We don’t like our artists to settle into a comfortable cadence of things they have done in the past, but press forward and into the new characters, products, trends, and fun that the art has coming in the future!


We would love to help you find the best face painter for your event and for your child. Call us anytime at 214-886.4243. We look forward to talking with you!

What to Ask BEFORE You Hire a Face Painter

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Most people, when they are looking for party entertainment assume that if they are hiring someone who claims to be a professional entertainer… they are. Sometimes, though, this is not the case. After 20 years of face painting, we have three basic questions that you can ask to avoid poor artists or inappropriate product.

1. What products do you use and are they FDA approved for the face?
                You SHOULDN’T have to ask this question, but we recommend it. Recently, I attended an event as a patron and viewed a painter selling their services with ACRYLIC PAINT.  Sure, that acrylic paint will stay all day, but could cause a reaction. Do you really want the cadmium in “cadmium yellow” on your child’s tender cheek? Make sure your painter is using products created specifically for face painting! The best products are water-based face makeup created for the purpose of face painting and COSMETIC glitter. Glitter from a craft store could be hazardous.

2. Are the pictures on your website actual pictures of your work?
                Again, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it is. We recently had a new painter in town contact Your Enchanted Face to apply for a spot on our team. When she sent us her pictures, though, they were pictures we recognized as another painter’s work. Make sure the pictures they have on their site are representative of their work. If you are working with an entertainment agency or a company like Your Enchanted Face who has several people on their team, ask for pictures by the artist that is being sent to your party. You want to know that what they are advertising is what you will be getting!

3. How many people can you paint per hour?
                You want to make sure that you provide enough time for all of the children you invite to get painted! Most experienced painters can paint 15-20 good, fun faces per hour. This varies with each painter, but you want to make sure that you are getting QUALITY as well as speed.

There are other factors to consider, such as price and other options such as glitter tattoos, as well. We have found that if you ask the right questions ahead of time, you and your guests will have a great experience! Feel free to call us with any questions you might have about face painting or any of the other services we offer. We would love to help you create GREAT memories! 214-886-4243

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