What to Ask BEFORE You Hire a Face Painter

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Most people, when they are looking for party entertainment assume that if they are hiring someone who claims to be a professional entertainer… they are. Sometimes, though, this is not the case. After 20 years of face painting, we have three basic questions that you can ask to avoid poor artists or inappropriate product.

1. What products do you use and are they FDA approved for the face?
                You SHOULDN’T have to ask this question, but we recommend it. Recently, I attended an event as a patron and viewed a painter selling their services with ACRYLIC PAINT.  Sure, that acrylic paint will stay all day, but could cause a reaction. Do you really want the cadmium in “cadmium yellow” on your child’s tender cheek? Make sure your painter is using products created specifically for face painting! The best products are water-based face makeup created for the purpose of face painting and COSMETIC glitter. Glitter from a craft store could be hazardous.

2. Are the pictures on your website actual pictures of your work?
                Again, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it is. We recently had a new painter in town contact Your Enchanted Face to apply for a spot on our team. When she sent us her pictures, though, they were pictures we recognized as another painter’s work. Make sure the pictures they have on their site are representative of their work. If you are working with an entertainment agency or a company like Your Enchanted Face who has several people on their team, ask for pictures by the artist that is being sent to your party. You want to know that what they are advertising is what you will be getting!

3. How many people can you paint per hour?
                You want to make sure that you provide enough time for all of the children you invite to get painted! Most experienced painters can paint 15-20 good, fun faces per hour. This varies with each painter, but you want to make sure that you are getting QUALITY as well as speed.

There are other factors to consider, such as price and other options such as glitter tattoos, as well. We have found that if you ask the right questions ahead of time, you and your guests will have a great experience! Feel free to call us with any questions you might have about face painting or any of the other services we offer. We would love to help you create GREAT memories! 214-886-4243