Matching Face Painting and Clothes


I love matching the clothes that my clients are wearing and to sometimes let that be an inspiration as I create a design.  Some of my best designs have come from clothing that I see or t-shirts that have a unique look.  Colors of fabric can also get you going in a new and wonderful direction.  I have been known to whip out my cell phone to take a picture of a passing t-shirt or fabric that is unique and different.  I love painting my family and let my little niece Kelsey, who is always an inspiring palette, guide me with her colorful clothing and loving style.


face paint kitty cat
Face paint dallas texas


Rainbow Cakes Can Be Fun!!!!

I love using the rainbow cakes and even though they can be a supreme hassle they are so vivid and effective.  I have recently been hooked on the Neon Tag cake rocking out some really fun kitty cat,  unicorn and butterfly designs.  The girls love them, of course, and lean towards that color palette every time.  I load the back of my sponge and roll the colors on.....then apply lots of pink glitter!!!!!  Sparkles are the icing on the "split cake"!!!!  

face painting, dallas, plano, keller, southlake, arlington, texasface painting, dallas, plano, keller, southlake, arlington, texasColorful face painting, plano texasdallas face painter, neon rainbow kitty


Halloween Costume Fun!

Halloween is the most incredible time for face painting!  We are asked to do anything and everthing it is wonderful fun and gore.  I work the most at this time of year and love it the best.  It is especially fun to enchance someone with a costume.  Below was a beautiful little girl with the most unique  costume that I saw at a party I worked, I simple let her costume inspire me and kept it simple.  I also tried my had at a basic Sugar Skull.....What Fun!!!!!


Faerie Face Painting, Richardson Texas

Faierie Face Painting, halloween face painting

Sugar Skull Face Painting, dallas, texas

Painting Faeries

face painting, dallas, plano, keller, southlake, arlington, texas

There are always things that we paint well and things that we struggle with and Faeries seem to be my struggle.  I have been on the search for a design that is pleasing to me that I can paint well on the cheek and finally found something that works for me.  Sometimes we need to think outside of the box and go not for a full body but the impression of one.  I experimented on my sweet friend Kirsten and came up with this.  I extended the hair to give it a fantasy look and worked on faerie expressions.  I also provide a full face faerie design that has the butterfly shaped wings on the top of the eyes with fantasy line work to define the bottom for the little girls that want to "be" a faerie.  Always remember, your only limit is your imagination so knock your socks off and have fun with everything!



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