Less is More!!!!


Less is sometimes more and that holds true in face painting as well...one of the more common distractions I see other painters do is to "over do".  It is important to begin working but also good to know when to stop and it is your art and you definitely say when!  In this design I hoped to demonstrate how you can make an impressive smaller design that can maintain a high quality and make you money......this design only took me 3 minutes from start to finish.  Enjoy....and get out of that box!!!!!


Hugs Sharon


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Using Prosthetics in your Painting!

I have recently discovered the wonderful world of prosthetics and have gone a little nuts with that.  My friend Kristal White recenly turned me onto Gold Leaf, a product that is used mostly in crafting but can produce a highly visual effect and texturizes your art.  The one thing that is hard to achieve in face and body art is texture because the face is not flat and moves so it has a hard time hanging on to any type of texture.  The gold leaf is applied with a safe body glue and can be place anywhere.  I also glued the facric with the same glue to create an even more visual effect.... I really liked the outocme.


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My first Blog!!!!! FABAIC 2012

My first article in my blog.....feels really good!  I recently went to FABAIC for what was my 8th year and I have to say that the art I see happen there is always inspiring and a little scary.  Face and body art have come so far in the short 15 years I have been doing it and the level of work is astounding!  I was so fortunate to be painted by Lynne Jamieson while I was there and what a treat that was.  I never paint myself because I wear glasses and the angles are always weird so to get painted and by someone of her caliber was so incredible.  I also participated in contest with a great gal named Anna and that was a hoot.  We were challenged to paint each other to look alike.  We started off with something scary thinking we did not have much time but came to realize we did both faces in half the time alllotted.....it was funny!  You can view both pictures below.....best to you all


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